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Central Highlands…more than you expect!

You could spend a week driving around the Central Highlands – it is a perfect place to enjoy magnificent scenery, explore at your own pace and to ‘get off the beaten track’. Stop at one of the Visitor Information Centres to pick up some suggestions for self-drive itineraries, a map, and some local knowledge on road and weather conditions. Routes vary in length from 2-3 hours, to a full days drive, so pack a picnic and enjoy the trip.

Perhaps you enjoy journeys through diverse and scenic country side? Then the individual self drive tours along one of the eight tourist routes are ideal. Take the time to soak up the history of each area in this large and wonderful region through the local museums and buildings. Get the Central Highlands Tourist Routes booklet from the Central Highlands Visitor Information Centre.

Sapphire Gemfields Interpretive Trail

Get out and about and enjoy a day or two of discovery when you join this unique and innovative tourism trail. Visitors can take themselves on a historic journey through the four townships of Queensland’s Sapphire Gemfields, the largest sapphire gemfields in the southern hemisphere.

For those who feel lucky, try fossicking at the Sapphire Gemfields in quest of that big shimmering sapphire!

Dig The Tropic

Dig The Tropic is a themed Geo-Tourism Trail linking the wonders of the Southern Great Barrier Reef with the mysteries of Queensland’s Outback. It is the only known trail of its kind in the world, enabling visitors to experience a self-drive trail like no other. Following the Tropic of Capricorn, you will experience a living museum created by ancient events left behind. Visit sites such as the Stone House Museum, Age of Dinosaurs Museum, Lark Quarry, the Sapphire Gemfields, Capricorn Caves and the Great Barrier Reef. For more information, download the brochure and start planning your journey to this ancient world today.

Contact the local Visitor Information Centre for more information.

Great Inland Way

The Great Inland Way is a fully-sealed route that weaves its way from Sydney to outback NSW and Queensland, the Central Highlands and then as far north as Cooktown. It is a driving route between Sydney, NSW and Cooktown, Queensland that offers an exciting alternative to the well-trodden coastal path.

Contact the local Visitor Information Centre for more information.

National Parks

Discover the hidden treasures within the Sandstone Wilderness at one of region’s National Parks:

  1. Blackdown Tableland National Park
  2. Carnarvon Gorge, Carnarvon National Park
  3. Carnarvon Great Walk
  4. Salvator Rosa, Carnarvon National Park
  5. Minerva Hills National Park

Before setting out, choose your park and track carefully. Pick a walk that suits your time and fitness level – from a short walk with a stroller or a well graded walk for wheelchairs to longer hikes that need higher levels of stamina.

Contact the local Visitor Information Centre for more information.

If boating is your preferred mode of transport escape to one of the Central Highlands popular fishing spots.

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