Top 10 Attractions

Top 10 Free Attractions

Looking for things to do at no cost? Check out the ‘Top 10 Free Attractions‘ for the Central Highlands Queensland region. There is so much to see and do so if you find you are still racking your brain for things to do contact the Visitor Information Centre.

1. Emerald Botanic Gardens

Relax as you meander through an oasis like no other. The Emerald Botanic Gardens is a tropical paradise, the perfect location for an early morning walk, a family picnic or an energetic game.
Rifle Range Rd, Emerald.

2. Lake Maraboon

Fairbairn Dam and Lake Maraboon are holiday destinations in themselves! The lake is stocked with eight different kinds of fish including barramundi, and is famous for the Red Claw Crayfish. You can relax by the lake, take a swim or try your hand at waterskiing. Picnic tables, free electric and wood barbecues are available. ‎ Add Form
Via Gregory Hwy and signed turnoff to Selma Rd, Emerald.

3. Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge is a spectacular gorge system with towering white cliffs and lush side gorges. Located in Carnarvon National Park, it is the Central Highlands’ most popular attraction. Carnarvon Creek meanders through eucalypt and cabbage palm forest and attracts 170 bird species. Explore creeks, mossy gorges and cool rainforests on 21 kms of walking track.

4. Sapphire Gemfields Fossicking

Catch gem fever as you discover the famous jewels of the Central Highlands. Explore the famous gem shops, galleries, jewellers and locally created cottage industries that are the lifeblood of the Sapphire Gemfields.
Sapphire, Rubyvale, Anakie and the Willows Gemfields.

5. Sapphire Gemfields Interpretive Trail

Starting at the Anakie crossroads, you will be wowed by the trail’s eye-catching signature art piece, “Sapphire Reflections”, standing over 12 metres tall. The trail includes creative interactive applications such as augmented reality and geo-cache activities and is part of the Dig the Tropic geo-tourism adventure. Join the adventure here.

6. Blackdown Tableland

Blackdown Tableland National Park protects a sandstone plateau rising abruptly above Central Qld’s flat plains. Bordered by high rugged cliffs, this is the traditional home of the Ghungalu people. Rock art across the park reminds us of their connection with this land. Featuring deep gorges, the park offers amazing lookouts and scenic waterfalls.
Via Capricorn Hwy, signed turnoff 35 km east of Blackwater.

7. Emerald Historic Railway Station Building

In 1899 Emerald’s first Railway Station was built, but unfortunately burned down within a year. In 1900 a new Railway Station was built of timber, with iron roof and wrought iron trimmings. The heritage-listed railway station boasts an elaborate entry with wrought iron lacework and pillared portico, offering great photos.
100 Clermont St, Emerald.

8. Emerald Tourism Precinct

Commence your tour of our region at the Central Highlands Visitor Information Centre in Clermont Street, Emerald. This building, an attraction in itself, is the first ‘straw-bale’ Visitor Information Centre in Queensland. Yes, that’s right, the walls are made from bales of straw!  Once famous as a major sunflower producer, Emerald is now home to the world’s biggest Van Gogh ‘Sunflower’ painting located in Morton Park.  The superstructure is 25 metres high with approximately 13.6 tonnes of steel involved in its construction.
Morton Park, Emerald.

9. Peak Range National Park

The distinctive Peak Range, a succession of gigantic conical and dome topped mountains north of Capella, is a photographer’s delight. Discover the grandeur of the Peaks up close on a self drive tour, or while sampling country hospitality. A special place where you are invited to relax, unwind and enjoy the stunning natural beauty.
Gregory Hwy (Great Inland Way), 1km south of Capella.

10. Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens in Blackwater are reputed to be the best of their kind in Queensland. The gardens mark the relationship between Blackwater and its sister city, Fujisawa in Japan. Japanese Gardens Blackwater are an ideal spot to stop on your trip along the Capricorn Highway, located between Emerald and Rockhampton.
Capricorn Hwy, Blackwater.

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