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What can the Central Queensland Highlands do to enhance its welcome to recreational vehicle (RV) owners, caravanners and campers?

A survey is open here until 30 April 2021 to collect public feedback for the Central Queensland Highlands Recreational Vehicle (RV) and Camping Options and Opportunities Strategy.

Recreational vehicle owners, caravanners and campers are collectively our biggest market and there are many opportunities to bring more of these visitors here and give them more reasons to stay longer and Explore More.

A key opportunity is to create more designated overnight sites for fully self-contained vehicles.

We do have a range of commercial caravan parks but these are at capacity during peak season so that’s an opening to provide more alternative options for travellers, which in turn enhances their experience and helps to build positive feedback about the region.

We’re also looking at accessibility opportunities, such as improved road signage and better parking.

The objective is to create a plan that takes a range of approaches to position the Central Queensland Highlands as a must-do RV destination.

Photo: Jesse Lindemann

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