Sapphire Gemfields Interpretive Trail

· Sparkling Sapphires
· Curious Characters
· Tales, Tall but True
· Full on Family Fun

Get out and about and enjoy a day or two of discovery when you join this unique and innovative tourism trail. Visitors can take themselves on a historic journey through the four townships of Queensland’s Sapphire Gemfields, the largest sapphire gemfields in the southern hemisphere.

The trail includes creative interactive applications such as augmented reality and geo-cache activities and is part of the Dig the Tropic geo-tourism adventure.

With just your smartphone or device on hand you can unlock the fascinating stories of this unique part of the world thanks to the incorporation of augmented reality technology.

There are also solar-powered audio posts on the trail allowing you to truly immerse yourself in life on the ‘Fields.
Just download the Aurasma app as directed and follow “centralhighlandsqld” to access these informative and innovative features.

Continue the adventure here.

The interpretive trail was funded by the Central Highlands Regional Council and the Australian Government’s Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure (TDDI) Program, administered by the Queensland Government’s Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games.

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