I have had the pleasure of spending 45 minutes discussing the State’s tourism industry one-on-one with Queensland’s Shadow Minister for Tourism Jon Krause. Mr Krause was part of a team of LNP representatives who visited Emerald last Friday. He was extremely interested and well-researched in the points that were raised, and openly provided his thoughts on subjects such as:

•    The proposed tourism bed tax;
•    State and local marketing campaigns;
•    Queensland’s best kept secret –  the area west of the Great Divide;
•    And most importantly for our region, the concept of Australia’s Great Ever Treasure Hunt. This is a potential partnership-driven national and international campaign that promotes the Sapphire Gemfields and enhances the many developments currently under way in our Sandstone Wilderness, the Southern Great Barrier Reef and west into outback Queensland.

I always seize the opportunity to champion our region directly to the movers and shakers of the tourism industry, regardless of their political persuasions.

Peter Grigg, Tourism Development Officer

For more information or a catch-up, contact Peter Grigg E: or T: (07) 4982 4386.

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