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YAMATO – The Drummers of Japan Following their hugely successful tour in 2017, the Yamato Drummers are back in Australia by popular demand and will perform at Capella Cultural Centre on Sunday, 4th August 2019.

In their brand new show “Passion”, the drummers challenge and push themselves to their absolute limits. Yamato will leave audiences exhilarated by this visually spectacular, high-energy and explosive show.

A group of dozens of players start their performance by hitting a Japanese taiko drum made from a large 400 year-old tree. They move their whole bodies to strike the drum with everything in their souls, creating a powerful surge of energy. Their live performances are so full of intensity that they make people’s bodies jump and their hearts race faster.

Audiences are overwhelmed by the beat of the music, as their bodies are uplifted in sync with the powerful sounds. This group, from beautiful Nara Prefecture in Japan, is able to exhibit great originality and innovation through this traditional Japanese musical instrument, the wadaiko (Japanese drum). Yamato’s acclaimed performances of authentic Japanese Taiko drumming awakens all five senses. Yamato leaves audiences exhilarated by this high-energy, explosive production. The sheer physical strength and dynamic movement of the drummers is as impressive as the music, in this visually spectacular and highly entertaining show. Yamato’s captivating music has both delicate beauty and heart thumping bass power and the drummers’ remarkable strength and skill defies belief.

Yamato was formed in 1993, debuting at a Shinto shrine festival in the group’s hometown with their original song “Hyu-ga” (The sunrise). Since then, they have been invited to 54 countries around the world, playing in more than 3,500 performances, and attracting over 7 million viewers.

“Pure energy meets spiritual high” – The Scotsman

“A genuinely theatrical experience delivered with balletic grace & infectious humour” – The Times

“They are exuberant performers, leaping from drum to drum. It’s energetic, noisy, varied and exhilarating.” – The Independent

‘Dazzling. They fill the stage with huge beautiful drums and beat seven bells out of them with phenomenal skill. Simply breathtaking drumming.’ – The Daily Telegraph

 ‘A delight. Elegant, gorgeous and a sheer joy.’ – Metro London

Adults – $45.00, Concessions – $42.00, Group of 10 – $40.00 Children under 16 – $30.00, Family (2 adults, 2 under 16) – $124.00 Tickets available now – Phone 4984 9300 or book online here. Additional Option – *Roast Sunday Lunch* Adults $25, Children $15 Served from 2:30pm – *Must be booked in advance

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