Things that Bite and Sting – Emerald Town Hall

Join expert snake handler and herpetologist Julian Craig for a free community awareness session that may save your life or that of your loved ones. Julian will provide information about how to avoid contact with venomous creatures and what to do if you or someone nearby is bitten or stung by one.

The three hour session will provide possible lifesaving information about first aid for bites and stings, and the fear of snakes and what to do when encountering them.

The session will also include a snake behaviour demonstration and, for those brave enough, the opportunity to handle a non-venomous snake.

All are welcome. No registration required. Just arrive at Emerald Town Hall on the night.

Things that Sting and Bite topics:

  • Session 1: Medical Reasons for Avoiding Venomous Animals; Safety Theory
  • Session 2: Venomous Invertebrates; Let’s talk hazards; Allergic reactions; Anaphylaxis; First Aid for Bites and Stings Theory
  • Session 3: Fear of snakes; What attracts snakes; Let’s talk hazards; How to avoid snakes Theory
  • Session 4: Snake Bite Risk Groups; Brown Snake Fatalities; Snake Bite First Aid; Personal Snake Bite Protocol; Effects of Venoms; Correct Hospital Management of Snake Bite Theory & Practical
  • Session 5: Confronting a snake; Snake behaviour demonstration. Opportunity to handle a non-venomous snake Theory & Practical

Session Objectives:

1. To inform participants of medical reasons for avoiding venomous animals
2. To impress upon participants the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing.
3. To ensure participants know up-to-date invertebrate bite or sting first aid (spiders, bees, ants, wasps, centipedes, scorpions)
4. To ensure participants understand correct snake bite first aid & have committed to practicing it
5. To ensure participants are aware of the correct hospital management of venomous snake bite
6. To help participants understand invertebrate & snake behaviour
7. To enable participants to identify & remedy venomous animal hazards
8. To inform participants about different venoms and their effects on humans (How to recognise a venomous bite or sting)

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