Springsure Firies Social Club – Springsure Billy Cart Dash

Registration & Scrutineering inspections

8:00 am

Nominations $10 for 3 competitive runs

First Race 9:00am

Lions: Sausage Sizzle & Drinks



  • Helmet must be worn while racing
  • Covered foot wear NO thongs, sandals, heels or open shoes. This also includes the designated pusher at the start of the race
  • Zero alcohol
  • Entrants who are racing must be there on time for their race
  • The same billy cart can be raced multiple times in the same event as long as a different driver each time
  • Any deliberate crashing or dangerous driving will be disqualified and removed from the event as per Race official decision
  • Inappropriate behaviour bad sportsman ship will not be tolerated and removed from event
  • All safety aspects to be adhered to during racing



  • All carts start from a standing still position and there will be a single pusher over 2 metres as marked on the track
  • There will be no other propulsion allowed eg peddling, solar or motors (Rocking will be allowed)
  • All safety aspects must be in place prior to the race as the official has the right to remove an entrant if deemed not safe
  • All drivers must be in a seated forward position while racing
  • Zero Alcohol prior, during and racing billy cart. Random breath tests performed throughout the day
  • Only 1 person in the cart while racing

Billy Cart Requirements


  • Billy carts are to be handmade and be of sound construction
  • Building material optional as long as there are no jagged/ sharp edges and cart no heavier than 50kg
  • There must be an adequate braking system to stop the billy cart
  • Steering if using rope and a pivot point there must be a block to prevent over steering and a place where the driver places his feet on cross bar.
  • Wheel diameter no greater than 26 inch
  • No extra propulsion devices allowed
  • Single seat in the forward position no lying down
  • Carts to be tested prior to race day

Cash prizes for;

1st & 2nd Juniors(12 & under),

1st & 2nd Seniors

Novelty cart with best crowd appeal,

Emergency Services Challenge.

Build a cart, nominate a team and join the fun

Contact: 0429498413

Event Times

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