Food and Fibre Plus Co-Design Workshop – Emerald

Get involved in the third and final Co-Design Workshop for this growing network that covers the whole of Central Queensland – the Fitzroy, Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday and Central West Queensland.

We now have a reach of nearly one quarter of the State, with more than 220 producers, small businesses, industry, research institutions and government agencies involved.

There is growing interest in waste-to-energy, by-product and residue use, agritourism, carbon farming, land and smart water management, and the like.


Food and Fibre Plus focusses on an inter-regional scale approach to ensure consistency in support, resourcing, better leverage, targeting and scaling of innovation to maximise benefits throughout the whole Central Queensland region. We see a cluster network system as providing the framework for better coordination and collaboration for innovation and business development, targeting:

  • Agritourism
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Land Use and Water Security
  • Supply Chain and Value Chain Efficiencies

These four themes were confirmed through an interactive Kick-off Workshop held on the 6 October 2020.

A further Inter-Regional virtual workshop of 9 December 2020 provided the specifics of key challenges, the driving forces and mapped out potential collaboration opportunities.

Now is the time to bring all these insights together to see how a network system can be introduced. We will be refining and prioritising the work so far – setting goals, aligning objectives, and prioritising short and medium term actions.

This final Co-Design workshop will be held in Emerald 27 and 28 January as two half-day sessions to enable travel by interested stakeholders. A dinner with a special guest will be provided on the evening of 27 January 2021. That event will also be offered via Zoom for those who are unable to travel to Emerald.




The Food and Fibre Plus project is an initiative of the CHDC and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The project is managed by CHDC and is supported by Advance Queensland and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Regional Partners include the Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3), Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD) and the Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program Team (#SCRIPT)

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