Celebrating Our Volunteers

Well it’s Volunteers Week and on behalf of the CHDC and the Central Highlands Visitor Information Centre Coordinator staff, Sally and Jane, we think it is most opportune to offer a huge and resounding thanks to all of our valued volunteer staff at the VIC. The dedication shown by our volunteers in providing freely of their time and through the sharing of their passion and knowledge for our region is highly commended. Put simply, without our volunteers there would be little to no visitor services provided across the counter at the VIC or the counters of all Visitor Centres in the Central Highlands.

And now a few facts and figures in recognition of our volunteers:

  • CH Visitor Centre is open 362 days year in and year out.
  • 2304 of volunteer hours shared by on average 12 volunteers throughout the year.
  • each volunteer offers a minimum of 4 hours per shift = 192 hours per individual volunteer per year.
  • CH Visitor Information Centre has been operating for 31 years of continual service.
  • Provides friendly and up to date information services to an average of 25,000 visitors a year.
  • Over 31 years have serviced the needs of almost 900,000 visitors to the Central Highlands.

Based on our average 12 volunteers per year over the 31 years @ 192 hours per year this equates to 71424 hours of volunteering.

When you multiply the number of years of operation by the commitment of the average 12 volunteers per year it adds up to a combined total 372 years of service to the community in volunteers years.

  • Does not count the hours put in by VIC coordinators, Casual and other support staff.

Well done to all, we appreciate your volunteering efforts and thank you for your time.

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