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Q: Where is the ‘Central Highlands’?

A: The Central Highlands region is located in Central Queensland, covering an area approx 60,000km2. The Central Highlands also forms part of the large ‘Bowen Basin’; which is a formation of mineral deposits.

Q: Is it easy to obtain rentals in the Central Highlands?

A: The availability of properties to rent fluctuates, as with most markets, but in general there is access to rental options with Emerald experiencing the most demand. Contact one of the local real-estates for more information.

Q: Are there many job opportunities outside of the mining sector?

A: There are ample employment options in industries other than mining. In reality, the other sectors actually experience the most difficulty in finding the workforce to meet the demands in the area. Check out our job vacancies or contact any of the local employment agencies who can help you access vacancies.

Q: What is there to do in my spare time?

A: With an ideal climate and numerous natural scenic areas there is plenty to see and do. Check out the What To Do section for more information.

Q: What are some sights to see in the Central Highlands?

A: Tourism is alive and strong in this region; when you’re out and about next don’t forget to check out:

Check out the What To Do section for more information.

Q: Is there access to health services?

A: You will be fortunate to find most medical services are available in the Central Highlands. See the health section for more information.

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