When a visit to the shops becomes a social outing you know you are living in regional Queensland. Ask people what they love most about life on the Highlands and the answer will be the community.Welcome guide image

There are monthly flea markets, school craft fairs, church fetes and old time dances just to start.

Are you interested in being involved with service clubs like Lions and Rotary, in your school’s P and C or joining a sporting club? Maybe you are keen on immersing yourself in the local history or perhaps a hobby group like photography is more your style. Whatever your interested may be there are many opportunities to be part of our community we call the ‘Central Highlands’.

A range of community groups offer support and opportunities for visitors and locals alike.

For more information contact the local Visitor Information Centre.

To contact the Central Highlands Regional Council visit website

For community listings visit the community directory via the Central Highlands Regional Council website.

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